Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Isaiah's Party

We had a fun, jam-packed weekend celebrating Isaiah. Here are some photos.

We know a sign guy, so this is what the kids woke up to on Friday.

Can't forget Yoda.

They were pretty shocked to find Star Wars "people" in their living room.

Don't let the pose fool you, Isaiah was thoroughly enjoying himself.

Matthew did eventually share with Isaiah. It took a few minutes, but he did it. Nice job, Papa.

Isaiah had some friends over for lunch and fun. No place to hang the pinata so, Matthew just held it. Good thing he's tall and it was a "pull-string" not a "whack 'er open" type of pinata.

Later on Gramps, Grammy and Auntie Sally came over to help continue the fun.

Anna was excited that Auntie Sally's card played a Star Wars song. She's about to flash a thumbs up. Isaiah was thrilled.

Trying out the new shtuff.


Jessica said...

You "know" a sound guy, huh? I caught that.

Scott would love those. I'll have to show him. He loves Star Wars. Loves. It.

Jessica said...

Woops. See, I'm married to a sound guy, so I typed that instead of "sign" guy.

I'm a doof.