Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Germans

We had some wonderful visitors with us last week. Marcus and Manfred are two very talented sign makers from Bavaria. Matthew met them while attending various international sign conventions over the years. They are two of the nicest folks I've gotten to know in a long time.

The Germans, as we lovingly referred to Marcus and Manfred, had been on vacation since the end of September. They flew back to Germany November 1st. We were able to host them their last week of vacation as they were in Canada and other locations during the previous weeks.We packed in more fun in 10 days than we do in months usually.

Matthew had them canoeing the St. Croix River, traveling up to Duluth to tour an outdoor supply company's facilities, going to the Mall of America, trick or treating and watching how Matthew does what he does at work all day. I believe their favorite activity was going shining at night with Matthew in the truck, however. Surprisingly, Marcus and Manfred have a company truck for their shop - it's a Dodge. Seriously. These two guys from Bavaria drive a Dodge. I didn't even know Europe had pick-up trucks over there. They assured me they have a large enough light and will be bringing the redneck, evening pastime of shining to Bavaria. (they listen to country music too, by the way - crazy)

We also spent some time with my folks and sister while Marcus and Manfred were here. We all went on a train ride from Osceola to Dresser, WI and walked around an old train depot. We had cookouts with real American food - steak and twice baked potatoes. We also enjoyed some lamburgers, cheeseburgers and apple pie. Had to let them try all that good U.S. of A. food.

Isaiah and Anna loved having Marcus and Manfred with us as well. Anna got to swing for a good 45 minutes straight one day while Manfred just pushed and listened to her sing. Isaiah enjoyed his bike ride with Manfred and playing a video game with the Germans as well. Isaiah and Anna have become proficient in saying "guten tag" and "guten nacht".

We're hoping the Germans are able to come back in January or February to ice fish and go snomobiling. They are very excited about being able to do and were amazed at the ice shanty choices available to us. Marcus kept laughing at the ridiculousness of the ammenities available. I'm hoping too my sister emails Manfred...... ooooohhh I'm in so much trouble for blogging about that. Sorry Sal, had to be said. ooohh that's gonna hurt.

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Anonymous said...

My wife writes so wonderfully. She captured this "EVENT" that we all feel fortunate to have had. It seems that the more I get to interact with other countries the more similiarites there are than differences. Good people are simple that GOOD PEOPLE. I've been constantly reminded from my German buds that my family is soooo wonderful. They are right. I just tell them I'm blessed....