Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Colonial Dinner

Yesterday Isaiah's school concluded the big 2nd grade social studies unit on Colonial times. They've been learning all kinds of neat things about the Pilgrims in particular. His school has an annual celebration that grandparents attend. The 2nd graders are allowed to invite two grandparents to the Colonial Dinner. My mom and dad were scheduled to go but at the last minute my grandma was able to come from Milwaukee to celebrate Thanksgiving with us. This means my mom and grandma were the lucky ducks ate a traditional turkey dinner with Isaiah at lunchtime yesterday.
Great-Grammy and Isaiah. Notice the neat Pilgrim hat Isaiah made.

Great-Grammy, Grammy and Isaiah, awaiting the Thanksgiving feast that the amazing lunch ladies put together.
Isaiah with the best 2nd grade teacher ever, Mrs.F.

After the dinner an elderly lady, 80 years old, got up to speak of the earlier times in America. I believe she was speaking more of the early 20th century America versus Pilgrim times. This lady was apparently a teacher in a one-room school and was speaking on the importance of women's aprons, at the time. Isaiah knows that my grandma is 87 years old and he did the math. Isaiah figured that Great-Grammy was 7 years old when the speaker was born. In his 2nd grade mind I believe he thought the speaker to be telling of her personal experience with Colonial times. This lead to the question he asked my grandma.

"Great-Grammy, does this mean YOU were a Pilgrim, too?"

I am very thankful Grandma has a wonderful sense of humor as she was laughing when she told me what Isaiah said.

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Kara Jo said...

Isaiah's school sounds very cool! What a neat celebration. And I love his comment to Great-Grammy!!!