Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Nine Years Ago Today...

October 8, 1999.

I worked 1/2 of a day and went out to lunch with our good friend from college, Dave Clark. I had been friends with Dave since we were freshman. Later, Dave got to know Matthew and that is how Matt and I got to know each other. Anyways, Dave came up from Florida to be one of Matthew's groomsman. We had lunch at Applebees, in Hudson, and then ran to Target. We then went back to Baldwin, where Matthew and I were living, and Dave, Matthew and I got ready for the wedding rehearsal and dinner.

I don't remember what time everything started but, I do remember scrambling to find something dressy enough to wear. Planning the wedding and all that it entails wasn't really my thing. Apparently what I was going to wear to the rehearsal never crossed my mind until a couple hours beforehand. I know we made it on time, however.

Pastor Larry did a great job making everyone feel comfortable. I remember too that Matthew and I had been to a wedding either earlier in the year or the year before and noticed the wedding party getting sloshed before the wedding. I did NOT want that repeated at our wedding so Larry made a comment about how important the next day was to Matthew and I and how we didn't want that to happen. We thought the "rules" would be taken more seriously if Larry said them, not us. Yep, Larry did the dirty work for us.

Matthew and I did want to be walked down the aisle by both of our parents. Matthew's folks walked him down the aisle at the beginning of the service, first thing. Then, after all the attendants were up front my mom and dad walked me down.

We went through the whole ceremony, vows and all. I was an absolute wreck. I couldn't get through anything. I cried the whole time, then laughed because I was crying, then cried some more. Oddly, I didn't cry at all during our actual wedding. I must have gotten it all out of my system. Matthew, I think, just thought I was a nut.

After we walked through it all a couple times we went to the rehearsal dinner. We had decided we didn't want to have the dinner at a restaurant where you only talk with the person next to you. We wanted to do something more casual where everyone is together. We opted to have the dinner at my folks' home. We had take-out pizza and subs. It was lots of fun. More relaxing, too. Then, Matthew went back to our house with his buddies and I spent the night at my mom and dad's. I don't think I slept very well. I do know I hopped in bed and after I tried to fall asleep for a little bit hopped right back out and ran to the bathroom. I had completely forgotten to pluck my eyebrows!!!!

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Jessica said...

I love it! I hope we'll get more tomorrow!

The night before our wedding, Scott drove my car to his house while I spent the night at my mom and dad's. After he left, I PANICKED because my earrings for the next day were in the car with him. Since it was after midnight my brother in law chased Scott down and retrieved my earrings. Then, when Scott made it home he forgot to send me a message to let me know he made it okay (his house - now OUR house - is way out in the country) and I PANICKED again, convinced something horrible had happened to him.

If there's anything I'm good at, it's PANICKING.

Thanks for sharing your story!