Friday, October 17, 2008


Henrietta, although we sincerely appreciate your efforts, for your sake, slow it down. We now fully understand why we had to wait 3 whole days between eggs, yikes. I apologize for being impatient, apparently you were just trying to impress us. It worked. You shall not ever become chicken noodle soup, I promise.

(Henrietta's very first egg compared to large grocery store egg)

(Henrietta's egg from yesterday compared to large grocery store egg)
note: this means the white egg in both pictures are the same size. Henrietta layed a whopper yesterday.


Anonymous said...

ouch! Way to go Henrietta, we too, are very proud.

Grammy (however, not your grammy)

Carla said...

Ok. So where does the actual egg come out from? The birth canal? I am sorry. I have always wondered that and have never had a farmer friend to ask. Now I do.

kristi noser said...

Looks like a double-yolker. Do chickens blush?

Katie R. said...

Carla, I shall do a post just for you (and my mom, but we'll pretend it's just for you).

Kristi, it was her first double-yolker. Went into the bread pudding yesterday.

Amanda said...

tHOSE ARE beautious eggs!! I might be a bit jealous if I didn't know you were going to share them. he he Just kidding!

Many blessings-