Monday, October 20, 2008

Dear Carla,

Here is a link to a wonderful page that will explain the process of egg laying and where the egg comes from.

I was going to post the information on the blog but thought it may be just too much information for some. I was going to explain it myself but then, again, thought it may be too much information. The page does a much better job explaining than I ever could anyhow.

I saw Henrietta lay that big double yolker. It was really neat. I never saw the actual laying of an egg before. Very cool.


Carla said...

Wow! A whole post just for lil ol me?? Thank you Katie!! I read the whole link and now I know! The things they don't teach in school...

Katie R. said...


cluck, cluck

rt said...

Way to many similarities to childbirth! Made me cringe. Maybe I should have walked away? JK

LadyD said...

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Thanks Blogger Buddies:)