Monday, July 7, 2008


Have you ever noticed that not all towns have their fireworks display on the 4th of July? I suppose I can understand the point if you think of it as a way to draw folks in for the other events that may be happening but, I don't like it! Call me crazy.

As a result of this breech in etiquette ( 5 points if you know what movie that phrase is from) my fam. and I went to the beautiful town of Amery for their 4th of July fireworks that are ON the 4th of July. Their display was amazing. It was finale after finale in my opinion. The show was so long that my kiddos couldn't even make it through the whole show. We had to leave early, after 50 minutes, they just couldn't make it and we had a bit of a hike back to the car. We never even saw the real finale. I can only imagine. Next year, I know we'll make it next year.

Also, before the display they played the Star Spangled Banner and we all stood and could see a flag hanging from an extended firetruck ladder. So, Amery had 4th of July fireworks ON the 4th of July, an American flag AND the national anthem. This just doesn't seem to happen anymore.

Besides all the patriotic wonder of the night guess who I saw? It's crazy really..... Can you guess?

I saw KRISTI and KELLI ! Kelli and I ran to each other like you see in dream sequences in movies but, I won't get into that part. How cool!


Amanda said...

Well...we didn't make it to any. Bur we did attend a parade in Forest Lake Fri. morning...and left 2 HOURS into it. It went on for ANOTHER hour!
Hum...lets see...two small children inches froma road, random candy, stifling heat, and HOURS of staying in one spot not moving? Um. No.
Glad you fared better.
God bless-

Kelli said...

That WAS a long one. Sorry you didn't get to stay for the finale (you only missed by 10 minutes or so), but MAN! The kids were saying that it's always that long but I disagree. I can't be that old.

Maybe a new P.A. system is in Amery's future?

Great to see you! If I don't see you before, I'll look for you next year!