Thursday, July 3, 2008

Just so You Know

I purchased some individual chocolate milk containers for Anna's birthday party last week. I thought since we rarely have real chocolate milk it may be a treat if one of the children's beverage choices be chocolate milk.

It was a hit and most of the kiddos at the party chose a chocolate milk. I have a few left over and I just noticed a warning on the one of the bottles that I'm really feeling bad about. I'm wondering if I should alert the parents and let them know what the warning said. Nobody has called though and said their children were sick so I may just let it go.

This is what the warning said: WARNING - Contains Milk


LauraLynn said...

Ohmygosh, I never would have thunk it. Thanks for the forewarning. I will watch out for milk in our milk.
That was a close one.
You are a life saver.

LauraLynn said...

Sorry Katie, for some reason my comment came up twice?! You can delete my delete if you like to keep things tidy~

Katie R. said...

I do like to "clean up" the comment column, how did you know? :)

You are funny.

Kara Jo said...

Good thing they warned you.

I didn't know you could delete a delete. How?

Amanda said...


Next time maybe you'll be a little more careful about what you give your children! ;)

God bless-