Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Dessert Dilemma

When asked what dessert Matthew wanted for his birthday he did not have a typical answer and list a few of his favorites. No.

My dear Matthew said something more along the lines of this, "How about something like a strudel, with cream, chocolate, raspberries...maybe some almonds."

Okay? I don't have anything like that in my dessert repertoire so I thought maybe I could find a recipe online.

I found an Almond Chocolate Strudel recipe and showed Matthew the great find. Nope. There was no cream or raspberries.

After much thought I decided I'd just have to invent something. Matthew also likes plain ol' yellow cake with milk chocolate frosting so here's what I did: I mixed up some yellow butter cake batter and made cupcakes.

These are not just any ordinary yellow cake with chocolate frosting cupcakes mind you. These are for my dear husband's birthday. So, after mixing up the batter I put about a tablespoon of batter in each cupcake liner. I then plopped in two raspberries a piece. I baked the cupcakes for however long the box indicated.

After the little guys cooled I made little holes in the top and piped in some whipped cream.

To top it off I piped chocolate frosting on top and more whipped cream along the edge of the cupcake. In the middles, on the chocolate part I put a raspberry.

I know it's not a strudel and there are no nuts but I almost got all the requested ingredients in there. I tasted one and they are pretty good.

Love ya Matthew, hope you like 'em.

ps. If you don't happen to like them, maybe don't mention that particular piece of information today.... I'm just saying.


Carla said...

Happy Birthday, Matthew!!

And the title of next years post should be

Matthew Bakes!! :)

Anonymous said...

Before I get overly railroaded here :) Let me just add a clairfication that normally I'm not a dessert/sweet fan. Compared to my mantra I know that surprises you all. (see, my wife's not the only one with witty humor)

After being forced (well not really) into deciding upon a dessert I chose a custom build. Sort of my life's driving force.

My darling bride- I will love these creations of delight. In fact I am almost ready to leave work right now and eat one.

I DON'T BAKE, I only work with Meat-N-Fire, my next business endeavor ;)


Cara said...

Sounds delish! Way to make the hubby happy--you must be a prize wifey!

LauraLynn said...

I want one too! But can you fill mine with some kind of creamy custard? And use Cherries instead of Raspberries?
Good work girl!

Katie R. said...

Laura, I'd have preferred custard too but wasn't up to making it. Whipping up cream is just so much easier.

erin said...


Kara Jo said...

Mmmm...those do sound yummy! You and Laura are kindred spirits, I believe. Between the two of about hosting a dessert party? I'm only half kidding.