Friday, June 27, 2008

Spider Wars

Isaiah is doing a super job hanging out downstairs and playing quietly while Anna naps.

He just came upstairs and asked me a question.

While doing a crane pose like Daniel in the Karate Kid movies he asked, "Mama, do poisonous spiders do this?"

I said, "No not necessarily, why?"

"'Cause I saw one do that."

In a very calm yet terrified of spiders voice I said, "Downstairs?!?"


Then in my most responsible parental voice I said, "Did you GET IT?"


Then realizing I was talking to MY son who is not the least bit interested in entomology, I said, "How?"

"With my Light Saber, he's dead."

Thank you George Lucas. Whew!


erin said...

LOL!! Way to go, Isaiah!!

Kara Jo said...

That's awesome. Good post, Katie!