Monday, June 2, 2008

Fun Time

Matthew's folks came up for a visit on Friday and spent the weekend. We had tons of fun. Opa and Oma arrived Friday afternoon and made it here in time to see Isaiah get off the bus as a first grader for the last time.

For supper we had to go get a Fish Fry. We took Opa and Oma to Meister's on Cedar Lake. Yum, they have the best sweet potato fries ever.

Saturday we had a big ol' breakfast and took Opa and Oma go-carting. Can you believe they've never been? Ever. I let everyone know they should be prepared to get smoked. I lapped everyone and could not, could NOT pass Opa and Isaiah. They were in a double cart and I just couldn't do it. Now, honestly, if it had just been Opa I'd have taken a few more chances. Being that Isaiah was in the go-cart as well I wasn't as daring. Next time, Opa rides alone. The boys wanted to check out a flea-market that was near by so we headed there after the race at Talladega. Oma and I survived the flea market adventure, barely. I had never been to one of those before. All I can say is, "wow!".

After we got home our little Anna took a snooze and the rest of the day was spent playing outside. Oma gave endless pushes on the swing set. Opa watched Isaiah ride his bike all afternoon. He never got off the thing. Opa mentioned he thought Isaiah's tires were flat but he could never get a good enough look at them because Isaiah never hopped off.

Sunday we headed back outside all morning until Opa and Oma had to head back home. We all had lots of fun and were happy to spend some fun times


Jessica said...

Aw! I love family time!

Amanda said...

That seems like a fun filled action packed weekend! You'll have to tell me more about the flea market!!!!

God bless-

Kara Jo said...

Good times! Glad you survived the market of fleas...overwhelming for an introvert? LOL