Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Proof of Planting

So I thought I'd show some proof of our planting labors from this past weekend. Here we have Papa and Isaiah preparing to plant some zucchini seeds. Note the careful hand-off of the seeds below.

Seed planting requires much concentration and thought.

Anna is receiving expert advice from her big brother while Papa offers her some more vegetable seeds. No creativity allowed Tootsie-doodle you have to plant in the designated areas. After receiving her pointers Anna also focused on her duty at hand. Make no mistakes this is serious business.

We had a great time and the weather was perfect for spending the afternoon outside. We even have some cucumbers emerging from their seeds. Too cool. The beans will be next to notice. I'll get some photos of the emerging "crops" soon. Again, stay tuned...


Amanda said...

Your kiddies are too precious. So much concentration!!

I love it. Keep those pictures coming!

God bless-

Jessica said...

You have beautiful kids! I love how seriously tney take it. I'd love to see him feed the lamb.

Birdie said...

i loved seeing their little faces!