Friday, April 18, 2008

'Preciate It

Birdie over at the Crooked Maple has bestowed upon myself, and others, a cool little award. Apparently washing Lamby in Woolite has earned me a Nice Matters Award. It feels sort of like Mother's Day. Thanks Birdie!

In true award fashion I am to pass the love. I now get to choose seven fellow bloggers that have earned the Nice Matters Award in my opinion. This is the only hard part.... I think you're all nice. I wouldn't read your thoughts on life if you weren't nice. I think many of the folks that I'll choose will be too nice to post the Nice Matters Award on their blog. I understand, really. But I'm a stickler for rules so I'll follow them and let the receivers decide what to do with the award. Post if you'd like and spread the love or just know your regarded as "nice". Thanks again, Birdie.

I would like to pass the niceness to Amanda @ I Am Mommy, Cara @ Baby on Board-ggren, Sheri @ Coffeetime, Char @ Come Again, Jen @ one life...One God, Kara Jo @ P is not for perfect and Erin @ the thing is... ! That's all folks. Thank you for playing, if you choose.


Amanda said...

What on earth!!! How did I miss this entry?? I was reading and giggling along thinking about you trying to wash a lamb and them stumbled upon you receiving a Nice Matters Award (nothing shocking there) and then see that you have picked *me* as a fellow receipient!! How gracious and kind of you!!!

I am no where near modest enough to not post it in my blog, but unfortunately have never been able to figure out tags and such. Seriously. Every time I do one I get the blank white box with a red X in it.

I am HONORED, and thank you, and just you know that it could not have come from a nicer gal!

I'm excited to check out your other nominee's!!

God bless-

Birdie said...

Katie, you're awesome, even though you had a dirty lamb. I'm sure the clean shoulder was nice.