Friday, April 25, 2008


When my grandma was up visiting during Easter she showed me again how to crochet. My mom had been trying to teach me for quite some time.
I understood how to chain and doing a single crochet stitch made sense to me, sort of. I could never check my work because my brain wasn't comprehending what the stitch looked like. I could never count my stitches. Basically, crocheting never clicked.
In my defense I will say I think it's because I am left-handed and I was learning to crochet right-handed. This wouldn't really make a big deal ordinarily since I do many things right-handed, as most lefties can attest. This is a right-handed world and I'd say most left-handed folks are rather ambidextrous. For some reason, however, my brain just couldn't figure it all out. I was frustrated because I could see it wasn't all that difficult yet I was unable to "get it".
As I said, I asked Grandma to show me yet again. I thought maybe with the background I had with my mom and having Grandma show me again between the two of them it may click. It did! It may have had something to do with doing just a single crochet stitch in the past. The item Grandma was making required a double-crochet stitch. I'm sure my advanced brain waves just needed something more complex to focus on....hahhahahahah. Yeah, right.
At any rate I wanted to keep up the long awaited skill I'd finally figured out and try a new project. The other item I had trouble with regarding crocheting is the patterns. Oh my, it's a completely different language. The abbreviations and parentheses are sort of overwhelming. I was determined to get the whole kit-and-caboodle so I found a really neat beginners book at Wal-mart. The photo above shows an older version of the same booklet I purchased. There are very easy to figure out diagrams and directions for different stitches. The booklet features 63 different patterns that when put together make a nice-sized afghan.
What's nice about the book is that it starts with the easier patterns and works you through, building on the past stitches. It's great for a beginner like myself. I have just about completed 7 blocks that I just store in a Ziploc baggie. Once I complete all 63 pattern blocks I'll be able to assemble the blanket and have a nice remembrance of the teachings of my mom and grandma.
Each block is 7"x7" so there is enough time to really get a good handle on the new stitch, or pattern. If I'm not completely done-in with crocheting by the time I've finished I could make little pillows or even cute handbags using my favorite patterns from the book and assembling said item in it's required form.
I will show a photo when I get the afghan all finished. Don't hold your breath. This may take awhile. If I had the time I could certainly whip out at least a block a day. I don't have that kind of time to just sit and crochet, however. sigh.... Even at that rate the afghan would take a good couple of months. I'm hoping to have all the blocks done and assembled into a blanket by the winter. I'm hoping. In the meantime, I'll just putz around on the thing and feel relief that I could figure how to crochet.
Don't' even get me started on knitting. I asked my mom to show me how to do that once and I think all I did was sit there with my mouth hanging open saying, "Huh?". I'll stick to crocheting and tackle the whole knitting thing some other day.


Jessica said...

I'm a master crocheter. I make a mean V-shaped swatch of yarn. =)

Katie R. said...

lol - good for you Jess.

I still wished you were closer, it'd be nice to have you over for coffee and apple bread. :)

LauraLynn said...

Katie- You should go away on the Quilters retreat with all the FCC women! You could get a lot of squares done there and have time to catch up with your friends!
Just an idea.......
I can't knit either, Tia tried to show me and all I can do is make a pretty first row.

sackettjaweedah said...

You go, girl! I learned to crochet from my grandmother as a young girl. Got gung ho again in high school and made enough squares to make a 3D rose afghan. Finally put them together as a newly-wed (age 23) and the finished project was an odd size -- too big for a throw, too small for a bed. Bought some more yarn to crochet a border around the whole thing. Finished it nearly 10 years later. Never give up.