Sunday, March 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Mama Tembo

warning: this is not a post begging congratulatory comments. I'm simply making a recorded post regarding the length of my blogging career. :)

Well, I did it. I've never kept a journal - of sorts - going for this amount of time...ever. I tried a few journals during those all too important middle school/junior high years. I'd get all excited to start a new, what was then called a diary, only to keep at it for 7-10 days. Not a very good account of history.

Mr.Stream told me about Carla's blog and I've been reading her posts since day 1. I then started with Kristi and Erin's blogs. I sort of just jumped in and thought this would be a good way to record the antics of Isaiah and Anna and any other trivial little tidbits that may be interesting for them when they get older.

Through this whole deal I've "met" some pretty neat blog friends. Thank you for sharing your lives and thanks for stopping in to say, "Hi" every once in awhile. This is lots of fun.


kristi noser said...

The disclaimer at the top just screams introvert, but since I don't follow those rules, I am going to congratulate you anyway.

We are glad you joined the "family".

Kara Jo said...

It's been fun to keep in contact with you through blogging!

Hey, wanted to let you know--regarding the Tinkerbell color, if it's the sage family of greens that you're going for, you probably don't want Tinkerbell. :) It's pretty, but it's definitely not a sage. Just a heads up so you don't go through what I did!

Carla Stream said...


Coffeegirl said...

I'm with Kristi...Happy Blogging Birthday!

<---That Girl said...

Happy Birthday!
I think you're right....what a great technology.
I love your site rating at the bottom too btw. I was just at You Tube looking for that Kanye hand thingy to show Big Daddy, only this time I watched the whole thing - yipes!
Then I had to run back here to let you know the rest of that story and sure enough it's not around anymore. Whew!
Once again, Happy Birthday to you *s*

<---That Girl said...

one more thing (sorry!) Lest you have sitemeter and think I'm stalking you, I'm trying to get these two pesky links to your blog to open up in a different browser and it's just not taking it for some reason, I keep playing with it and it's not working right. (Maybe it's because I'm trying to link to a particular post and not the homepage?)Anyway, I give up. So if you see that I've been to your site some 20 times, now you know why *L*

Kris Hallblade said...

Happy blogging birthday!

And thanks for visiting me at my blog. I enjoy reading yours, too.

-V- said...


Carla Stream said...

Dear You,
Have you seriously read every one of my posts? You need an award for that, dear friend!!