Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thank You PBS Kids

Anna awoke today looking for something. She wanted her Clifford the Big Red Dog. I mistakingly thought she meant our stuffed animal Clifford. Anna actually meant the real thing. She was adament that Clifford should have been in the living room. I tried to point out again the stuffed animal Clifford laying on the floor.

"No, he wuz wight hee-oh. Whey-oh did he go?"

I'm not ready for this discussion at 5:45am so I'm doing my hardest to understand what Anna could possibly be talking about. I think she had a dream about Clifford in that he actually lived at our house. I tried to explain to a 2 1/2 year old that dreams are just stories when we're sleeping and that they aren't real. That was not what Anna wanted to hear at 5:45 in the A of M.

Apparently Anna really thought Clifford would be wrangled in the living room waiting for her to take a ride atop. I pointed out the wonderful small, black dog that was actually real and wrangled in the living room. Not good enough as Anna's not allowed to saddle Matilda and ride her.

Our conversation was not progressing in a positive manner so I did what any mom would do at what was now 5:46am. I put in a movie and plopped her down in front of the TV until both of our minds woke up.

Thank you Scholastic and the letters of the day will NOT be P, B or S.


Jessica said...

That's great. I was a PBS kid myself, and fondly remember my days of being plopped down in front of Sesame Street until minds were awakened. I love that show.

Jessica said...

Oh, that it would be warmer outside than it is in here. My Weather Channel toolbar is telling me it's 29 degrees out, though.

I have to tell you I laughed so hard when I read your comment. It's fascinating to me that northerners are as bewildered by our weather as I am by your snowdrifts and windchills.

<---That Girl said...

bless her heart and yours too! Glad it worked out okay. Being that reasoning with toddlers is nigh unto impossible, I'd consider you lucky.