Friday, February 29, 2008


Anna was playing in her room last night with a stuffed monkey that belonged to me when I was little. I loved it. She loves it. It's actually the ugliest stuffed animal you've ever seen, really. Oh well, love is blind.

Anna was attempting to care for the monkey with her doctor's kit and wanted to take the monkey's blood pressure. Monkey was not sitting up and holding out his arm like a good patient and this was making Anna frustrated. I overheard her scolding Monkey.

"Why aren't you copper-tating?!"


Jessica said...

That is so. cute.

Carla Stream said...

Even monkey doctors lose their patients. Muhahahahahaha.

Love your new look. And the sweet picture of you!

Cara said...

Kids say the cutest things.... I love to sit back and hear what might come out next! Always a good laugh.

Kara Jo said...

What--copulating? Oh, cooperating! Gotcha!