Monday, January 14, 2008

Super-Size on the Dollar Menu

You know when you only have a couple things to wash and so you turn the load size dial down to small. Well, this is just a thought, be sure to adjust the dial back up to super size when you do a full load next time. I'm just saying. Also, if you accidentally forget this piece of valuable information try not to do more than two large loads dialed down to small as it only wastes time when you have to re-wash.


erin said...

At least you remembered to turn the washer ON.
I've done that, too, though. I've also ruined clothes by not checking the water temp before starting the load...

sackettjaweedah said...

Too bad they don't make a washer that senses how many clothes are in there, assess what colors and fiber content there is and then adjusts everything accordingly! Did I mwntion the upgrade to dry, fold and/or hang them up? In another life maybe. LOL KR