Thursday, January 10, 2008

My Hero

Anna had a wonderful case of the stomach flu Sunday morning at 1am. She pulled through only to leave me feeling like junk by Tuesday afternoon.

Isaiah gets home off the bus at 4:03. By about 3:00pm Tuesday I knew it was a'comin'. I was hoping I could at least wait for 4pm to fully experience all the fun that is the flu. I knew I'd be able to count on Isaiah to take care of Anna, the dog, snack, supper and jammies. I had already declared Tuesday to be a "No Bath Tonight" day.

Isaiah was my hero. He came home and I told him I was indeed not spared Anna's bug. The first thing he said? "Well... I suppose I won't be able to go to school tomorrow, 'cause who's gonna take care of Anna?" I assured my knight in shining denim that I thought I'd probably just need help for the evening and tomorrow will be okay. He got their snack, don't know what they had, didn't care. He later got himself a turkey and cheese sandwich, applesauce and milk for supper. Anna received the same except she had PB&J. I was able for about 10min. take care of the puppy dog. Isaiah even got Anna's jammies on her. He was indeed my hero.

Papa got home very late, from a meeting. I divulged as much info. as possible and Matthew took over.


sackettjaweedah said...

Don't they grow up fast?

Katie R. said...

Oh for sure, however, in this case, I was very thankful. I was so relieved to see my 7yr. old hop off the bus as opposed to another toddler. :)

Coffeegirl said...

Getting older is very very good. Toddlers are cute, but so are puppies...they are just so much work....good job, big boy. Way to take good care of your,Mama.