Monday, December 3, 2007

Miss Independant

Three months ago I thought I'd introduce the idea of potty-training to Anna. We purchased the pink pull-ups and bought a 2nd potty chair for the second bathroom. She went in the potty chair once and could not have been any less interested then she was at that time. When Isaiah taught me how to potty-train a child five years ago he thoroughly showed me how sticker charts, treat bribes and new big boy underpants DO NOT mean a hill o' beans. I learned my lesson and decided to just wait for Anna to be interested.

I waited. Waited some more. Waited again. Last week Anna saw the package of pull-ups that made the move to Osceola with us and thought they looked neat. Well she told me she wanted to wear her pull-ups last Wednesday and has been nearly spot on for almost a whole week. I'm impressed. Relieved. Seeing the light at the end of the babyhood tunnel. Sigh... we've almost made it. The money wasted on an occasional wet pull-up will be evened out by the savings on stickers, paper and ink. It's allllll good.


Kelli said...

That's such a cool feeling when you see them start to "get it". My boys were totally NOT interested. Too much else going on. It seemed to take forever. I was unaware that, being a girl, Shannon would do things when she had already mastered them. Walking, talking, going potty. Would maybe try it once and then, ZING! She'd be off and to speak.

There's the light, Mama! Congratulations on making it through another parenting milestone.

Coffeegirl said...

That's awesome..Faith keeps telling me that she wants to pee on the potty...that's it..I'm buying the pull-ups. Maybe it's time for her to train mom in. You're so smart. Think we'll do the m & m treats..that way I get my chocolate fix in.