Thursday, December 27, 2007

Family Addition

I think we may be adding to our family. If all goes well we'll be going to the Animal Shelter in Amery tomorrow to get a doggy named Matilda. I'm pretty excited. I've never really had a dog before. When Matthew and I were first married we had a puppy named Jacob but he was Matthew's dog for hunting and wasn't really a family dog. Jacob had to live at Matthew's parent's farm when we moved to an apartment and had to stay at the farm when we moved to the Hwy.12 house as he'd have surely gotten squished on the busy highway. We plan on bringing Jacob back up to our new house soon but he'll probably stay an outdoor dog. Anyhow....I'm excited to finally get a family dog.

Matilda is 6yrs.old although she was a stray so, unless she talks, I'm not sure how they know her age. Another bonus is they haven't heard her bark and she's housebroken. I don't think I'd have the patience or time for puppyhood. I picked her out from the shelter's website and we haven't met her yet but I'm hoping we all click tomorrow. Matthew called the shelter today and asked a bunch of questions and liked the answers he received. He liked the answers so much he's agreeing to a house dog. Yes!!

I'm sure my mom and sister would prefer the family addition to be another human, however, Matilda is as good as it's gonna get. I think I'm going to order those return address labels with the cartoon family members. Have you seen them? I'll get a bald papa, a mama, a boy, a girl and a Matilda. No room for any more small people. I may have to buy really large envelopes because the barn cats, Jacob the dog, the sheep, the ponies and the pigs might get jealous if they aren't represented on the address labels. Hmmmm? On second thought I'll save the hassle and just keep writing out our address.

If I ever find our camera recharger thing I'll post some pictures. Oooooooh IhopewegetMatilda. IhopewegetMatilda.


Carla Stream said...

Oh, sweet Matilda. Ihopeyougethertoo!

Coffeegirl said...

Can't wait to see her!

erin said...

What a GREAT name for a dog, by the way. LOVE it.
Pictures, please!
Keep us posted!