Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The Other Shoe (will eventually drop)

Due to a change in my husband's work he has requested supper be at 5:30. We usually eat at 5pm which, I know, is early. It all started when we had children and they were born to be early birds. Early birds are crabby birds if they don't go to bed early so, as a result we always eat supper early and start the bedtime deal early.

I'm excited about the prospect of eating supper at 5:30. It is 30min. closer to an actual normal supper time. I think it's possible and since Anna is a little less of an early bird than Isaiah it may work. Isaiah being nearly seven can certainly handle this change.

This change will not be happening the first week of school however. I know from my vast experience with a kindergartener that children come home absolutely, totally, 100% completely exhausted. This lasted a good two months last year. My little boy would emotionally hold himself together all day long and then once at home......look out. I had to very creatively phrase things so as not to create any nuclear meltdowns. Very rough evenings.

I reminded my husband that 5:30 won't really work for a couple of weeks yet because Isaiah gets off the bus at 4:30 and by the time we eat and give two kiddos a bath that boy is done. Done I say. He was in bed and asleep by 6:45 last school year. Matthew is willing to hold off this first week to give Isaiah his extra sleep. (thank you Matthew)

That being said yesterday Isaiah came home in a remarkably super-duper mood. I kept watching the clock. We ate supper at 5pm. (thank you Matthew) Still no meltdowns? Gave the kids their baths. Checked the time 5:45 and still no meltdown. Brushed teeth, took one last bathroom break, read books and still no meltdown? Huh. Isaiah was asleep by 7pm last night and was still in a perfectly good mood. I was a bit shocked and then remembered the Isaiah Rule: When having fun and not getting enough rest you never, ever lose contol until day #2.

I forgot! If Isaiah spends a Friday night at Grammy's he's always fine until Sunday afternoon. Oops. Today will be the day for WWIII. Silly me. If you hear lots of crying and screaming while you're eating supper (at 6pm like everyone else in America) it'll most likely be coming from our house as my son will think it completely irrational of me to request him to fetch a towel for bathtime.


Carla said...

Oh, I hear ya! Sarah flipped her lid yesterday! Totally!

erin said...

Aw...good luck tonight.
And good post!