Thursday, September 13, 2007

My Anna

These are a couple things Anna has said or did today that had me wondering.....

At snack time we were eating yogurt and fish crackers. Anna's yogurt was banana and our fish crackers happened to be the Pizza Blast flavor. Anna insisted on mixing the two together. I told her repeatedly that pizza fish and banana yogurt probably wouldn't taste the greatest....but then again what do I know? Being the Anna that she is, she mixed. I waited with a "Yikes" facial expression and anticipated a major spit-out. Nope. She loved it. She happily finished her delicious creation.

After snack, she was taking care of her babies and took them shopping at the grocery store. Anna brought me a basket of "food" from the store and told me to eat the french fries and chicken noodle soup. I then thought it would be fun to point out that her beautiful green purse was still on the floor and oops! do you need to go back to the store to pay for your groceries? She replied, "No Mama, I fine. I not cold." No idea what she thinks purses are for but, apparently, they have nothing to do with paying for groceries at the store.

1 comment:

Candace said...

salty and sweet always worked for me! but more in the form of a chocolate covered pretzel. she sounds adorable and hilarious!