Wednesday, September 19, 2007


No not the band. It's me...according to Isaiah.

Isaiah: Where is the first house you ever lived in?
Mama: Well, I was born in Iowa.
Isaiah: (said in complete awe) You were?
Mama: Yep, Grammy and Gramps lived there for a short time.
Isaiah: Wow, what was it like? Did you like the Iowas? (said like Dakotas)
Mama: Well I was just a baby and only live there for about 9 months.
Isaiah: That is so cool now we can learn about Iowa and Mexico.

In my head I'm thinking.....what?!?! What does Mexico have to do with Iowa? Later on in this conversation I learned there is a little girl in his class that lived in Mexico and that Mrs.O said they'll have to learn a little more about Mexico. Apparently Isaiah is going to school to tell Mrs.O that his mama was amazingly born in Iowa! Can you even imagine his teacher's excitement to have two opportunities such as this. There will be brightly colored blankets, pinatas and maracas, not to mention the corn and pork chops that I'll be bringing in to share with the class.


sacketjaweedah said...

Gosh - I wish I had been born in cool place. When my children asked where I was born all I got was an "oh."

Thanks for your comments on my blog! I just figured out that by cliking on your name in my comments I could find your blog. Old dog, slow dog.

Kim N. said...

You just have to wonder what other interesting info he might share with his teacher. When I taught in the Public schools the little kids would tell me some really weird stuff!!

kristi noser said...

I say stuff the pinata with corn and pork chops. Sweet deal there.

kelli said...

Shannon informed me that some of the guys in her class came up with the following:

If you're born in Minnesota, you're a mouse.

If you're born in Wisconsin, you're a cheese-head.

I asked if you were born in Wisconsin, then moved to Minnesota, are you mouse-flavored cheese?