Sunday, September 30, 2007


Not-so-Fantastic Sams has been vindicated. Finally! I thought after three attempts it had to go right eventually, right? Right! After church I dropped my kiddos off to visit with Auntie Sally, Matthew is out of town. I then proceeded to do battle with another stylist. I was thinking I probably wasn't giving them a big enough challenge and thought maybe I should add highlights to my list of wants. I haven't had those in close to 6 years, why not? I showed the stylist the style I wanted and we picked a color for my 15foils.

She finished. I looked. I liked. I tipped. I'm going to pretend I went to A'la Mode. I will now enjoy the 6-8weeks before my next battle. I may never win the war but if I can win a battle once in awhile I'll be happy.


kristi noser said...

I don't know what is so hard about getting a haircut. Here's what I tell them:
2 1/2 on top
up and around the ears
take an inch off the back
layer it up the back.

I hear you about doing battle sistah, My battle begins tomorrow afternoon.

Katie R. said...

Sheesh! It's not like I'm asking the lady to carry a basket of clothes up the steps with a 30lb. 2yr. old in one arm and a vaccuum in the other. Come on people. This hair cutting thing should be easy-peasy. Yes? I wish you much success in your war against hair stylists.

Katie R. said...

No offense to hair stylists out there. I take full responsibility on apparently being hard to understand regarding the styles I prefer.