Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Although I do my darndest to give my children natural, organic and homeopathic "stuff", I do subject them to vaccinations. Isaiah and Anna had their yearly "well-baby"/"well-kid" check-up on Friday. We found out that the varicella (chicken pox) vaccine Isaiah received was not enough. Children will now be expected to receive two varicella vaccinations. One at 12mos. and another at 4-6yrs. Oh Great!

I signed our lives away and allowed the nurse to quickly inoculate my boy. He's never had a bad reaction from any other shots so I figured we'd be good. Yesterday afternoon, however, I discovered red itchy spots on my boy.

We have chicken pox people. Yippee skippee. I figured this would be mild as my cousin's little girls each had a mild case less then one week after their first varicella shot. I called her up and got the lowdown on how the mild cases run their course. Supposedly this is a 2-3 day thing with maybe a mild fever, runny nose and cough. I can handle this. I can handle this. I can handle this. I even had my mom run over to see if it looks like chicken pox. She thought yes. I had them when I was 8 and don't really remember too much.

So far, his first areas of rashiness seem to fading with out really blistering. He has no fever, no cough, no runny nose. Isaiah is definitely his regular self. My anxiety is calming slowly even without meds. (I'm not kidding about that part) I think we should be good by this weekend and the first day of school on Tuesday for sure.

We are supposed to attend the Open House at school tomorrow evening where we meet Isaiah's teacher, check out the room, see the sights, etc. Is it possible to miss school before school even starts? Do I send a signed parental note to beg an excused absence? If so, you send those notes back on his first day back from an absence which would be the first day of school. Do children need excused absence notes on the first day of school? This all leads to so many questions. I think I'll wait to call the teacher until tomorrow afternoon. Maybe, just maybe he'll look cleared up. I couldn't get a clear answer on the whole, "Is he contagious?" question. Yes, I know he is until everything scabs over, but what if the marks/rash/blisters don't scab over and just disappear? Oh well. I'll make a decision tomorrow and just pray this clears up quickly.


Carla said...

Dearest Katie,
It is a mild case because the vaccine contains chicken pox. I am not sure how many days to wait but Open House is not mandatory but a call to the teacher would be good.
Everything is going to be just fine.
I'll be praying too.

Katie R. said...

I know...but...sheesh! Isaiah was soooo sick sooooo often last year and now he's getting sick before school even starts. It just so wears on me when either of them get sick. I'm hoping the weekly chiropracter appt. will help this year? I knew Open House is optional but I get so excited for school stuff. Isaiah doesn't seem too heartbroken over the matter. Just me! :(

kristi noser said...

Katie, I did not read your post before I posted last night. Just wanted you to know that. When you read it you'll understand.
Interesting coincidence, tho huh?

erin said...

I'm sorry, Katie. I'll be praying for Isaiah. When we moved to Oklahoma, we had to get measles shots. I had the measles for 3 days. I've never felt so rotten in my life!
I'm sure he'll be his old self again by the time school starts.