Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Crazy Animals

When I was little I loved those huge shredded wheat biscuits for breakfast. I loved them I tell you. I think I only enjoyed them because afterwards I'd gallop through the house all day and pretend to be a horse. Shredded Wheat, hay..... what's the difference?

Today for our morning snack Isaiah and Anna munched on Kix cereal. Anna wanted milk Isaiah wanted dry. Fine. I then look over to see Isaiah eating his dry Kix out of his bowl like a dog! What?! I just didn't even care because I overheard Isaiah tell Anna to pretend the cereal is the dog food at Opa's farm. Good grief. Whatever. Have fun.


NoOtherName said...

Hey! You're Katie R.! I've been wondering who you were on all those comments, and now I know!

Thanks for all your hard work at VBS, Katie--you did a great job and it was really fun working in crafts.

Now I have a new blog to read, Mama Tembo!

kristi noser said...

Where are you?

tracy said...

katie, this is great, I can read all about the kids and not even talk to you, althought talking would be nicer.