Tuesday, July 31, 2007

By the Way

I forgot! While typing about the bear that trapped us into our cabin I forgot to mention the funny part. (See post entitled Week's Events, I'd do a link if I were blog savvy, sorry) While we were watching the bear out our upstairs window and then running back down to see him out our front door we noticed something on the bear's tush. We couldn't figure out what it was.

Keep in mind the bear was digging through our trash and taking out the food he wanted to eat. Our littlest Anna very much enjoys putting on band-aids, for fun. Her band aid of choice is SpiderMan.

After staring at the foreign object on the bear's tush I noticed it was red and blue. Hmmm? Could it be? Yes, in fact the bear had sat on a used SpiderMan band aid. I'd show a photo but the bear was big and the band aid small so it didn't show up on our photos.
Have you seen the movie Great Outdoors with John Candy? I think they mention a troublesome bear with a distinctive haircut due to a rifle blast, or something like that. Well, we have our own distinctive mark on our bear. You'd know our bear anywhere. Just look for the SpiderMan band aid.

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