Thursday, July 26, 2007

Bear pt.2

We ventured to Troy Beach today and I brought along Anna's little-yellow-floaty-chair. This chair has two air chambers one for the chair part and one for the floaty tube part. I blew up the chamber for the chair then I tried to blow up the tube chamber. No success. It didn't stay inflated. This is a brand new purchase and was only used once. Upon further inspection I noticed two tears in this chamber. Guess who stepped on Anna's floaty-chair? Yup. Da Bear! Apparently when the bear was climbing all over our picnic table he stepped on the chair and his claws ripped 'er open. I vaguely remember watching him do this thinking, "You better not ruin our stuff." Well, he did ruin it. Grrr! Thanks a lot Mr. Bear.


Carla said...

We have the same floatie thing. I would of course borrow you ours, but Timmers would squawk.

Katie R. said...

Thank you! My advice? Keep it away from black bears. Sheesh!