Sunday, June 10, 2007

Welcome Home

I grew up here in this lovely town of Hudson. My mom and dad moved to town when I was three and we've been here ever since. Originally both my parents are from Milwaukee. My mom, dad, sister and I were the only ones from both families that lived way up in Northern Wisconsin. We usually spent holidays and birthdays with just the four of us as it wasn't always practical to drive the over six hours to Milwaukee. (when I was real little the interstate was only 55mph....yuck) I think all four of us just got used to not being around extended family more than once or twice a year.

Well that started to change five or six years ago when my cousin, from Waukesha, met and married Greg from Mahtomedi. Courtney and Greg now live in Hudson with their two little girls and my two kiddos and Court's two kiddos get to grow up together. We even play together every Monday. This is still such a surreal experience for Court and I since we were mostly just pen pal cousins due to the distance we lived from each other. Very cool!

Guess what??? It gets better! My mom's doing some research on my dad's side of the family because we're hosting a Kaiser family reunion later this month. Grandpa Kaiser (my dad's dad) had great-grandparents that were part of the German Settlement that lived in this area and they are even buried in the German Settlement Cemetery off of Co. Rd. N here in Hudson. All these many, many years and nobody from the Kaiser family had any idea. Can you say ironic? It turns out all these years we thought we lived so far from home, Milwaukee, and my great-great-great-grandparents made their home here in the mid 1800s. As my nearly two-year-old would say, "Whoa, baby!"

Apparently my parents didn't move away from home, they moved back home! Welcome home Kaiser family.

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