Monday, May 7, 2007

School Dayz

As I was making supper today Isaiah asked me if I knew how many days he's been in school. I said I wasn't sure but knew it's been more than 100 as he had a 100th Day of School celebration a while back. I then asked if he's still keeping track during group time at school. Isaiah said he is keeping track and that he's been in school for ten hundred days. I tried to explain that ten hundred days is more than three years. He said, "Oh Mama, I know it's been ten hundred days, maybe even eleven hundred days." He may as well have been saying, c'mon mom don't ya know anything about counting, because that's how his statement sounded. I sort of laughed at my ignorance and then listened to the same coversation between Isaiah and Matthew during supper. Matthew also tried to explain how long 1000 days would be, however, he too was shot down. It's a good thing Isaiah entered kindergarten when he did because apparently Matthew and I need help with our math skills.


Kim N. said...

You'll feel even more stupid when he is a teen-ager.

Katie R. said...

I didn't know it started so soon.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, it does start this soon (even though Isaiah is still a bit young), you see, Isaiah is entering the age now where mama and papa don't really know everything, then about the teen years you will know nothing, but halleleuia, your knowledge seems to come back as you grow older. Atleast this is how it worked in my household as well as when I was growing up. My mom is 86 now and I think she is very, very smart.
The beautiful joys of parenting!