Friday, May 18, 2007

The Inevitable

Since Matthew's out of the country for work I figured we'd all make a trip to the ER/urgent care, we usually do. It's a family tradition. Matthew's flight left Tuesday and I've been waiting patiently all week. Today was the day!

Anna and I played outside all afternoon yesterday and after supper the kiddos and I went back outside to play with our new chalk toys. We then hopped on the swing set and it was there I discovered yucky bug bites that were bleeding on Anna's neck. Yuck! She didn't seem bothered but we went inside for a bath and an application of Melaleuca oil. This morning one of the bites looked bigger and redder. I then doubted they were just bug bites. Well...we went to visit the fish tank at the clinic and found out the real bad bite turned into a skin infection. So as not to break tradition we then went to Target for the amoxicillan that is also a family requirement when Matthew's out of town.

I think to play it safe we'll just stay indoors until Papa returns. Usually I only go to the clinic for one child while Matthew's gone although once I did have to make two separate trips. Papa, please come home safely and soon. We miss you!


kristi noser said...

Those gnats used to make Hannah's neck all red and bumpy too. They live in the grass and are especially prevalent in the early summer.

Carla said...

We christened one playground Gnat Park. ugh