Thursday, May 10, 2007

Early Mother's Day

I picked up Isaiah from school yesterday because I was running some errands at that time and thought I'd surprise him. His teacher, being as clever as she is, sent home the plethora of Mother's Day gifts he made so he wouldn't have to lug it all home on the bus later. I received a beautiful card about Dandelions with a photo of Isaiah holding a bouquet of said flowers. I also received a wonderfully painted terracotta pot with Marigold seedlings growing inside. The other two gifts, I was told, were for tomorrow morning. The clue I received from Isaiah was that they had something to do with breakfast. Hhmmmm?

This morning Isaiah had told me to hop back into bed and get ready for my surprises. I had already showered and gotten ready for the day, but I obliged as he seemed pretty adamant. He handed me a lunch bag with a portrait of myself in bed and the note attached read:

Breakfast in Bed!
Since it is your day,
I have something to say:
Don't lift your head.
Have breakfast in bed!
Just take a look...
You don't have to cook!
I don't like to brag
But it's breakfast in a bag!
Happy Mother's Day 2007!!
Love, Isaiah
Inside the decorated bag was a green tea bag and a cereal bar. Isn't that cute? I was so excited. I teared up a bit, just a continuation of tears from yesterday's gifts really. Isaiah was very serious that I eat the bar in bed with my tea. So...I went down to the kitchen, made my tea and brought it back upstairs to lay in bed per Isaiah's orders. As I was opening the cereal bar I noticed Isaiah's eyes got bigger and he smacked his lips a bit so I did what any mom would do with her Mother's Day breakfast in bed and asked if he wanted a bite. He said, "Oh yes Mama, I really wanted the whole thing and could hardly wait for you to open it up." I gave him a couple bites and ate the other half of my cereal bar when he was finished. Happy Mother's Day to all the other Mama's out there!!

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