Friday, April 27, 2007

The "Y"

We joined the Y over spring break because the registration fee was being waived and I found out that we get a discount with our medical insurance, if one of the adults goes at least 8 times per month. Yeah! I need the 8 requirements to actually motivate myself, not for the reasons one would think. I personally think an hour to myself, even if it is exercising, sounds so exciting and I'd go every day if I could. I do, however, have an Anna-girl who generally isn't as excited. She starts out excited about going to the Y and she even says, "Y now!". When we get to the childcare gate she changes her mind and thinks the idea stinks. Well, I have to get my $20 discount so I had to figure something out.

Anna now thinks our sole purpose for going to the Y is water. I drop her off and tell her that Mama is going to get her some water and I return, an hour later, with her pink sports drink. She finishes my last couple sips and we're good for another trip to the Y. Now she says, "Peenk watoh Y now." I'm hoping this scheme holds out until summer. Isaiah can hang out with Anna in childcare at that point and I don't have to worry about her tears as there aren't any when Isaiah's with her. I don't know that I have any other creative reasons for her to be spending time at the the YMCA's childcare?


Carla said...

Mama Tembo says so is a pretty good reason.

erin said...

Good idea, Carla.