Monday, April 9, 2007


I don't watch much TV and when I do I'm usually disappointed and wonder why I bothered watching what I just watched in the first place, such was the case this weekend. I was flipping through channels this weekend and saw a promo for a new show called "Thank god you're here", my understanding is that it's an unwritten and impromptu show with skits featuring different comedic actors and the skit starts with one actor saying the title of said TV show. My question is what's up with the title? Can they do that? What if you took out the word God and inserted Allah or any other recognized name for the creator of the universe? Wouldn't that cause a problem? I don't know if they capitalized the "G" or not, frankly I don't think that matters, because nobody would pay attention to that and it would still have the same meaning. I suppose it would be capitalized as it's a word in a title. I'm a bit offended and don't plan on watching the show even if it would be funny once in awhile. I just was taken aback when I heard the title and thought somebody in charge of monitoring what's offensive on TV had to have ok'd the wording. I suppose all the other commandments are regularly broken on television shows why not add another one and stick it right in the title this time.

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