Thursday, April 5, 2007

It All Works Out...usually

Well, the school incident in the last post worked out okay. The principal and guidance counselor spoke with the other little boy and made sure he understood the severity of the words he said to Isaiah. I feel bad because I knew the other kindergartner didn't mean anything seriously and I guess he was a bit confused as to why he was bombarded by both adults as he exited the bus. Nonetheless, I suppose in this day and age those words have to be taken seriously and had the boys been in middle school or high school there would have been serious actions taken probably even with police involvement. Sadly, this is how life is right now. I appreciate all your comments and prayers. Pray for the other little boy though, I don't want his parents to flip out.

I commend the parents that do home-school their children. I couldn't do it, I want to, but wouldn't do a good enough job. I used to teach other parent's children and love to teach but, I wouldn't have the same patience to teach my own. Matthew and I do hope Isaiah learns how to deal with the secular world now when it's little stuff as opposed to later on when it's gigantic stuff. I'm not saying home-schooled children are sheltered or any of the other "typical" accusations that home-schooled families have to defend, I'm just saying for Isaiah personally it's better to ease into it now versus later.

We just have to keep trudging through the yuck. I hope we don't have to trudge for long.

He is Risen indeed!

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