Monday, April 23, 2007

Energy Efficient

After supper it's bath time at our house. After the bath Isaiah heads up stairs all bundled-up in his towel and then gets on his undies and jams and proceeds with the rest of the bedtime routine. Isaiah has a captain's bed and so has drawers under his bed and that's where his sleepin' clothes are located. I just noticed under his pillow he neatly placed about three days worth of underwear and pj's. I was wondering what in the world that was all about when I vaguely remembered a conversation Isaiah and I had this morning where he told me how he got everything all set-up so bedtime would be easier and how he set-up his jammies so they'd be all ready. I guess I was under the impression he meant just for today. Apparently Isaiah was preparing for the rest of the week. I'm wondering two things... 1. What is going to happen to his three neat little piles located under his pillow tomorrow morning after a night of sleeping on them? 2. How is moving the clothes from his drawer, located at the foot of his bed, to under his pillow making bedtime easier? I guess I'll just have to wait and see how tonight's routine goes.


Anonymous said...

That's my grandboy. Please let me know where all those neat little piles of jammies ended up. He's always thinkin isn't he.

Carla said...

This post reminded me that my mom had us keep our pajamas under our pillows. Not sure why.

Kim N. said...

I still keep my pajamas under my pillow....Just one pair though. I like this boy, organized, thinks ahead and such. The type that doesn't create more work for his Mom.