Friday, March 2, 2007

What are you trying to say?

On Tuesday I went for a haircut, first one in about 10mos. It was time. My Isaiah was at kindergarten and Anna was hanging out with Auntie Sally so, off I went. I chose a style and was brought back to the chair to discuss the deal. I was about to enjoy the shampoo when the stylist said, "So, you have the day off?" to which I reply, "No, I stay home with my kiddos." To my surprise she said, "Oh, so you don't get to work." I just smiled and laughed in disbelief. Next, she asked, "Do you wax your eyebrows?". (keep in mind I lost my tweezers and purchased some the day before just hadn't the chance to use them yet) I knew why she asked but kinda wanted to see her squirm after the no work comment. I just said, "No". She said, "We offer that service for $5 with a haircut." I told her how I thought that was nice. The conversation slowed after that, much to my relief. Haircut was over and done with shortly. I paid and started preparing for my next haircut in another 10months.


Katie's Husband said...

Don't worry I haven't been in for a haircut for over 2 years....course I'm bald-BY CHOICE.

I'm glad you choose to be home, most days it's easier for me to NOT. I love the kids, but man are they work!

erin said...

My guess is that the stylist was jealous. I know I am.
Welcome to blogworld!

kristi noser said...

Katie, I hope you gave her the tip she deserved. Making comments about a woman's eyebrows is a dicey matter.
I was going to comment about Matt's baldness, but I need those tips.