Friday, March 9, 2007

Sugar and Spice.....

Anna is quite the girl. She was full of love yesterday and had no problem dishing it out. Anna managed to say "I love you" and blow kisses to just about everything she saw in her little world yesterday. These are some of the objects of her affection. I'll translate what I can as she's only 20mos. and still uses her own language, some of her "words" are just sounds that I don't know how to write.
Ya yoo, Mama. *mmmwah* / Love you, Mama. (kiss)
Ya yoo, Eee-ah. *mmmwah* / Isaiah
Ya yoo, tee-tees *mmmwah*/ kitties

That's all the typical stuff, right? Here are three of the weirdest:
Ya yoo, Needee Dees *mmwah*/ Canadian Geese - I'm not kidding either
Ya yoo, (water) *mmwah* / her bathtub filled with water
Ya yoo, Eee-ah's owee *mmwah* / Isaiah's band-aid

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Carla said...

I love the translation! Sweet!