Saturday, March 3, 2007

Mama Tembo?

Weird name I know. I'll explain. At our house we are mandated to enjoy John Wayne movies, it's a requirement. It started with my husband, he grew up watching them. While we were dating and newly married we watched his huge John Wayne collection of movies. I eventually over time developed a few favorites. Then Isaiah came along and he watched the more appropriate ones for children. His favorite is Hatari! and for those of you not "cultured" in John Wayne, it's the African one where they collect animals for different zoos. One of the characters is adopted by three baby elephants and the Masai tribe calls her Mama Tembo (elephant). Matthew calls me that once in awhile. So there ya have it. For the record, I like McClintock and El Dorado the best.

There are quite a few cowboy songs in the John Wayne movies and it's sort of a family challenge to learn them and sing along. Last summer we were working on the El Dorado song and, no kidding, Anna would sing it in her baby talk while swinging in her swing. She was an official Rolli at that point.

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